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Odesk Test Answers MSWORD 2003

Search the answer press CTRL+F in your keyboard and type the word(s) you want to find.
How can you create a box around the text that is placed on a web page,  as shown in the figure? 
Ans: Draw a rectangle around the text using the rectangle drawing tool.
A documents having many paragraphs, the appearance of the documents can be improved by increasing the spacing between paragraphs. Where in word, is the built-in option that allows you to add such space? 
Ans: Click on Format- Paragraph;   go to the Spacing section and change the “Before”  and  “After “ fields.

State whether the following statement is true or false.
Once a macro is running,  it is not possible to stop it.
Ans: False
What is the tab stop in Word 2003? 
Ans: A position you set for placing and aligning text on a page.
Where is the mail Merge feature located in the main menu? 
Ans:  In the Tools menu
How can you insert a sound file in a Word 2003 Document? 
Ans: From the Insert > Object menu option
Which font effect has been applied on the text shown in the figure?
Ans: Emboss
When you right-click on a cell of a table drawn in a Word 2003 document, you can see the properties and options and figure. The Split Cells option has been highlighted in the figure. What is the function this option
Ans: It allows you to divide an existing cell of a table into more rows and columns.
Can you give a 3-D (3-Dimensional) effect to your text and, graphics using Word 2003?
Ans: Yes
Which feature of Word 2003 allows you to use information from two different files for the quick creation correspondence and other documents like interview letters and invitations? 
Ans: Mail Merge
If the word “trick” is displayed on the screen, with the cursor between the letters ‘i’ and ‘c’ and the Delete key is pressed.  said word appear on the screen? 
Ans: trik
How can you create a non-breaking hyphen? 
When you left-click on the Insert menu option and click Page Numbers, a pop up window opens. Which of the following  is/are available in the pop-up menu?
Ans: Position
What does the CTRL+B shortcut accomplish in Word 2003?
Ans: It makes the selected text bold.
State Whether True or False
You can open the Find and Replace dialog box by pressing the CTRL+F key combination
Ans: True
Can you insert a new table inside a cell of an existing table in your word 2003 document.
Ans: Yes
The figure shows the edit tab under the Tool >Options menu The Enable click and type Options has been checked what does the this potation performs. 
Ans:  Its allows you to quickly insert text, graphics, table or other items in a blank area of a document.
Which of the following functions is used to replace quotes (“) will smart quotes (“) in the text documents.
Ans: Tools> Auto format
The figure shows the Margins tab under the File > Page Setup menu. The gutter margin has been set at 0.1″. What is a gutter margin? 
Ans: Some extra space added to the right margin of the page required for cutting the page into even sizes at the time of binding.
The title bar is present at the top of the Microsoft Word 2003 window.  What does it contain at the left corner?
 Ans: Maximize Button
Which of the following are valid sources for storing the addressee information required for Word 2003 mail merge?
Ans: All of above
What are sections used for in a Word 2003 document?
Ans: They are used to divide the document into parts so that each part may be independently printed when the print command is given.
What does the CTRL+U shone accomplish in Word 2003? 
Ans: It underlines the selected word
What is the function of AutoSummarize feature in Word 2003? 
Ans:  It summarizes the statistics of the document into a report, such as total words,  total characters, total pages, total  paragraphs, file size etc. 
How can you resize the width or height of a picture in a Word 2003 document?  Select all of the answers below that  apply. 
Ans: By right-clicking on the picture and, from the Format Picture floating menu, choose the “Size” tab.
What does the CIRL+I shortcut accomplish in Word 2003? 
Ans:  It applies italic formatting to the selected text.
What is the method to disable the Reading Layout feature and open documents in the default (Print Layout)?
Ans: Click the Tools menu and choose Options; when the Options multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click General. Uncheck ‘Allow Starting in Reading Layout.” Click OK.
You want to view a document in the Reading Layout view. What will you do?
Ans: Press ALT+R
A paragraph can be made to stand out from the rest of the document by giving it a border or shading. How can you give a (selected) paragraph a special shade?
Ans: Select Format > Borders and Shading. Select the Shading tab. Select the Color and click OK.
What will you do to print an A5-size (148mm x 210mm) document on A4-size (210 x 297mm) paper? 
Ans: Select File > Print. Under Zoom, specify the paper size in the “Scale to Paper Size” list as A4.
Can you change the background picture of a Word 2003 Theme that has been applied to a page?
Ans: Yes
What are bookmarks used for? 
Ans:  To quickly jump to a specific location in the document.
Normally when you click on the File menu, Microsoft Word 2003 shows you the names of the last four files used. How can that be increased? 
Ans:  Under Tools > Options: click the General tab. Increase the number on the “Recently Used File List” option.
The given figure shows the reviewing toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter X.
Ans:  It allows you to highlight the selected text or graphic in a document.
The fiqure shows the Save As dialog box under File menu. The Save As type has been specified as XML document and them apply transfrom option has been checked (selected). What does this mean.
Ans: It allows you to change the author name for the XML file.
In Microsoft word 2003, you can easily created bulleted or numbered lists of items. What is the method for removing the numbering. 
Ans: Highlight the number list choose formats > Bullets and numbers from the menu and click none click ok.
State whether the following statement is true or False.
It is possible to add custom words to the dictionary that Word 2003 uses to check spelling errors in document.
Ans: True
There are over a hundred predefined formatting styles in Word 2003 to choose from. However, only a small number of them are displayed in the default list of styles. If you want to see all formatting styles (both predefined and customized), you could:
Ans: Press the SHIFT key and click the arrow on the Style drop-down menu button on the formatting toolbar.
Wrapping Styles can be used to modify the layout of text in relation to a graphic. Which style wraps the text around a graphic in a irregular bounding the actual image? (the graphic will move as text is added or deleted.
Ans: in line with text
Which word 2003 toolbar is show in the figure? 
In Microsoft word 2003, you can easily created bulleted or numbered lists of items. What is the method for removing the numbering. 
Ans: Highlight the number list choose formats > Bullets and numbers from the menu and click none click ok.
Which word 2003 toolbar is show in the figure? 
Ans: Picture toolbar
State whether True or False.
In a Word 2003 document, if the formatting is restricted, the commands and keyboard shortcuts that apply formatting directly not available.
Ans: True
You are required to prepare an essay in Word 2003 consisting of only 250 words. What is the most convenient way for you to count the total number of words in your document? 
Ans:  Choose the “Word Count” option under the Tools menu.

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